About the Artist

Duyen (Kim) Dinh studied at one of the worlds most prestigious microblading academy in the world (Phibrow Academy). She is a certified PhiBrows Royal artist; specializing in the manual technique of Microblading / 3D Eyebrow / Microstroking / Feathering. She also has her Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate. Her training and attention to detail allows her to create the most realistic hair like brow tattoo with precision. What sets her apart from conventional artist is her passion to continuously learn and adapt to changing trends and styles. She also trained in tattoo removal and the only one in British Columbia that offers this special technique.

  • Microblading (Permanent Makeup)
  • Phibrows Certificate (Brow Magic Shading)
  • Phibrows Royal Artist Certificate (Hybrid Lips)
  • PhiShading (KS BROW Certificate)
  • Man Brows (Tattoo Remoov Certificate)

Microblading guidance and support is available if you would like to upgrade your skill level. Please email info@inkspiration.ca for pricing and details.

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